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Digital Resources

The Library for Iranian Studies is in the process of digitising its massive catalogue of books and periodicals to make them available online. This huge task will take some time. Meanwhile, we can refer you to a sample of some valuable online resources which can be used for free.

The website of Encyclopædia Iranica is the most comprehensive online source of information about Iranian civilization in the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent.

British Library

British Library has many of its massive collection of Persian manuscripts, reference material and imagery available online.

Collection guides & Blog

The Internet Archive has more than 18,000 Persian books and manuscripts available online to read or download for free.

US Library of Congress

The US Library of Congress is home to a valuable and rare collection of Persian language manuscripts, lithographic books as well as printed books.

Collections & Manuscripts

Ketabfarsi website contains many interesting books and publications in Persian. It has a collection of a wide range of Iranian newspapers and periodicals from different periods.

This website is primarily dedicated to the content and update of the massive Dehkhoda Persian dictionary.

Ganjoor offers a large collection of the work of some of the best-known Iranian poets.